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Boeing 737-500 Plane crash, [Aeroflot Flight 821]

14 September 2008

Russia's Boeing-737 had 82 passengers which included included 7 children and 6 crew were all killed as the plane was coming in for landing at the Perm Airport. In the last minutes of approach, the plane went off-course, gaining height, turning the wrong direction then crashing at a steep angle on to Trans-Siberian railway line just southwest of the city.

It was reported the plane had an engine on fire and was attempted an emergency landing.

Crash happened 5:10AM 14-Sept-08 local time, or 23:10 on the 13-Sept-08 UTC.

Russia's Air Accident Investigation Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee is leading the investigation, with US assistance from the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Authority, and Boeing.

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